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Ways To Increase Social Media Engagement in 2021

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Social media marketing wears the crown in the kingdom of digital market, and rightly so. We must focus on the ways to increase Social Media engagement. If a brand is to grow and make its presence felt, it is essential to market it on social media the right way.
Social media marketing increases brand awareness, generates visibility, boosts profits, and creates leads. The process requires setting up social media accounts for your company, but that’s just the beginning! It would be best if you came up with a well-rounded strategy to ensure that your efforts generate the engagement you desire.
You may wonder that you post good content regularly on social media, so why is the engagement not up to the mark? And if you utilize some of the top social media management and marketing tools, you are on your way!

Here are some ways to increase social media engagement to enhance your brand’s visibility:

#1 Consistency is the key!

When you think to embark on the social media marketing journey, you must post regularly on all platforms. It doesn’t make sense if you post one fine day and disappear the next week or fortnight.
When you consistently make yourself visible on the social media feed of your target audience, you amplify the chances of your prospects reach out to you or interact with your content.

#2 Get the timing right!

Knowing the best time to post will need a little research to get it right because you need to know when social media users will be online to view your posts. If you happen to post at a time when users are inactive, you can lose out on engagement.
The idea is to use the scheduling feature on social media platforms to schedule your posts at the right time. Keep in mind time zones and demographics and run a test to figure what timing works on various channels.

#3 Originality is important

It is proven that posts without images get very little engagement compared to those with an image. Therefore, make sure you get graphics or gifs designed based on original ideas, which can help boost social media engagement
There are plenty of tools to help you, such as these:
a. Canva
b. PixTeller
c. Piktochart
d. Crello

#4 Identify trending hashtags to use in every post

We know how important hashtags are for boosting social media engagement exponentially.
The purpose behind using hashtags is to reach your target audience who aren’t your followers yet and are likely to become if they find your content engaging.
Be sure to use trending and relevant hashtags in your Instagram and Twitter posts for users to find your content.

#5 Develop more video content

Videos with eye-catching graphics and entertaining content are a great hit on visual platforms. Thus, you can create original video content and post them on these platforms to increase engagement. In addition, when you are posting regular content more often, videos provide a welcome break from the monotony.

#6 Engage with influencers for enriching posts

Social media influencers have attained a position on the platforms owing to their following. Hence, they have the power to boost engagement for brands with which they associate. Therefore, make the best of their influence to enrich your brand value and improve your visibility among their following.
A few ways in which you can have influencers boost your social media presence are:
a. Take their help in organizing contests and giveaways
b. Organize an influencer takeover by which the chosen influencers gain control of your social media account for a day
c. Have them post stories about your offerings
d. Gift them products and request them to post reviews

#7 Go Live on social media

Instagram Live and Facebook Live are great ways to boost social media engagement and build interactions with your audience in real-time. In addition, live content is a great way to make your followers learn more about what you do or educate them on something related to your line of work.

#8 Don’t compromise on the quality of visuals

Remember always to use high-quality visuals to seek your audience’s attention and ensure that your content breaks the stereotype. Design graphics reflecting your brand’s vision and identity so that users can associate them with you instantly.

#9 Use humor and wit generously

People are usually left impressed by witty and funny content but do not go overboard. Ideally, you must not make your posts too promotional or a direct invitation to your audience to buy your products. The salesy pitch can make you lose your market. Therefore, replace promotional tone with humor to keep your followers engaged and entertained.

#10 Respond to your audience

Reverting to comments on your posts, be it appreciation or otherwise, is very important. People often post content but do not bother to check the engagement or responses from their audience on them. Hence, you must keep in mind to reply to them and build a conversation in the process. Remember to address them in the first person to forge a direct connection.

Key Takeaways

These are some of the strategies and ways to increase social media engagement. By following these brands can deploy and see a difference in engagement. Understand that you need to be consistent over some time to see results in due course.

Meyvn World is your one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs, including social media marketing. We have seen these strategies yield results for our clients.
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