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Seminars and Conferences

Are you planning to organize a seminar or a conference? In fact, when it comes to seminars, roadshows or conferences, Meyvn World are much more than a mere facilitator. We can help you actualize your ideas; and we consider ourselves as your event partners. Seminars are also a great way to target your potential prospects together and are beneficial in many aspects. 

We know that there is no one size fits all. Everyone is different and may need different kinds of support, in relation to their events. And so, this is where our Managed Events division handles this admirably.

Be it A-Z of your event from planning to final execution or with a very specific task such as operational management, marketing, or brand creation, our experts work closely with you to help you in your exact requirement. We ensure all puzzles fit like a missing piece and help you actualize your idea.

Our mission is to deliver the meeting or event that you expect, more brilliantly than you could have imagined, on time and on budget.

We carry out a simple process:

  • A detailed brief from the client – This covers the very basic like number of people expected and a suitable venue that resonates with the client objective.
  • A pre-event site inspect – Meyvn World will enable a pre-event site inspect of the whole event. This covers every detail to ensure the client expectations of our service is defined.
  • Feedback on Plan – We then solicit feedback about the design and the cost estimated. Meyvn World is flexible with any amendments required by the client at this stage in terms of design and costing.
  • Client Meeting – We insist on a client meeting understand the vision of the client. This helps us to meet the client’s expectations ensuring a smooth execution of the event.

Additionally, some of the factors we consider while selecting the venue are

  • Venue Accessibility
  • Attendee Comfort
  • Venue Budgeting
  • Basic Facilities
  • Food and Beverages
  • Venue Security

We at Meyvn World have the experience of initiating several briefs from clients and executing them flawlessly. And, moreover, our event management experts are adept, with over 20 plus years of event planning experience, organizing many back-to-back roadshows and seminars. In fact, we are confident that we will be the only team you will event need to organize your event completely.

Seminars - The Execution

The main objective is to ensure your seminar or conference rooms are filled qualified prospects. Once we learn about what your seminar or conference is, we will be able to create a solid marketing plan for it. Then we just follow the marketing plan and deliver the best results to you and cater to your expectations. Along with our marketing campaigns, we will clearly convince why you are better than other services providers out there.

Our campaigns will highlight to potential prospects on why it is worth attending your seminar. As a result, you can expect upper audience to come to your seminar and listen to what you have to offer.

We create powerful and persuasive ad copies

Our expert marketers will go ahead and create powerful and persuasive ad copies, regardless of what your seminar is all about. We know how to target the right audience and get their attention. You don’t have to do anything as we know how to fully take care of the advertising campaigns. We will create ads to help you with attracting ideal audience to your events.

We believe that promoting your seminar or conference is not all about helping you to get more conversions. Meyvn World will help you create a positive impression on the minds of prospects and get them to come to your event.

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