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Social Media Marketing Tools: Top 5 in 2021 for Engagement

Social Media Marketing Tools - Top 5 in 2021

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Social media is evolving at a tremendous pace today. A great social media marketing plan will have creativity, consistency, relevancy and strategic vision. Moreover, one needs to learn the best social media tools. Again, you may not have the time to learn. Or the desire to spend the time learning these tools may be absent. In this article, we share what we think are the best five social media marketing tools you can use right away.

Before sharing the types of social media tools and how to use them, one needs to be clear about:

  • goals you are trying to achieve
  • platforms you wish to cover, and
  • marketing areas you will touch

You then get an idea of the tools you must have for your social media marketing strategy. The answers will also help decide how to use these tools.

Now, let us look at these social media marketing tools a bit more. We are confident that they will definitely get your website higher engagement and more traction.

(Read this article till the end for a bonus tip!)

1. Agorapulse

Agorapulse can save a great deal of time and increase efficiency. This tool is slightly higher on the cost but is also definitely one of the best and most competitive. It does provide real value for money. It is built into all major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

The Inbox Zero workflow is one point that lets you quickly go through all comments, mentions and messages.

Agora Pulse also allows Preview of how the post will look once it is published. This can help remove any kind of typing or other errors.

Moreover, the Calendar function shows all the posts and are colour-coded. You can see all the posts in the publishing queue and the posts awaiting approval.   

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a simple and effective tool. It is used by many for social media automation. You can schedule, in advance, articles and posts on multiple platforms. In addition, this service provides a single dashboard to review all platforms easily.

Hootsuite also offers real-time information of all activity on the various social networks. It shows when the brand is being talked about and what is being discussed. This can help understand what customers want and allow for proper information sharing. 

In addition, the analytics section allows you to create extensive reports.

3. NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat offers a total service forum for managing all elements of marketing. Details right from publication of posts to conversation follow-ups are present. It also provides analysis of your activities on social networking sites.

It enables you to conduct pre-sales chats, automatically respond to common inquiries and also reduce response times.

Apart from this, the tool provides many other features like social inbox, collaboration features, scheduler and spam removal. You can also use advanced analytics, automated reporting and a functional help center.

NapoleonCat can be trusted to deliver trustworthy marketing solutions. Also, they are an approved Facebook marketing partner.

And the best part is that one gets a 2-week free trial without giving away credit card information!

4. Tailwind

For Pinterest and Instagram, Tailwind is a wonderful social media management tool. It is a perfect tool for increasing your Pinterest and Instagram engagement. The tool enables you to plan posts, monitoring conversations and evaluating results.

Tailwind offers a wide selection of capabilities particular to these visual platforms. Pinterest content promotion and user-generated content management for Instagram are a couple of powerful features. These can actually be very good for Pinterest and Instagram marketers.

5. Sendible

Most functions offered by social media management systems are also available in Sendible. In addition, Sendible allows you to personalise your dashboard. This can attract new customers depending on your branding.

Moreover, Sendible features excellent integrations including an editor for Canva designs, copyright-free image search and a YouTube search.

Apart from the above wonderful features, it also offers automation to save time that goes into doing repetitive tasks.

Sendible is a perfect tool to understand a brand’s ROI and marketing strategy. Furthermore, with Sendible, you can create social media reports in a matter of minutes with the help of numerous pre-designed templates.

So, leave your worries aside because you also get a free trial period!

Bonus tip

These were the five best social media marketing tools that have the potential of skyrocketing your engagement in 2021.

However, one tool surpasses the world’s best tools and will guarantee an engagement like never before. This tool is known as the ‘human touch’.

The potential clients are also human beings and we love interacting with each other. So, we request you to not fall into the trap of too much automation! Your brand might just lose its human touch as social media stories have proven to be great success if used correct..

We leave it up to you to figure out which tool will best describe your brand’s value with this valuable tip.

For further discussions or expert advice, you can book a free consultation call with us and we would love to share the few hacks for social media success that we know.

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