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Marketing Trends-7 trends to watch out for

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The world is evolving at supersonic speed, and change is the only constant right now. The year 2020 witnessed millions of new mobile phone users and this has brought brands literally in your ‘palm’. Newer marketing trends are emerging and we need to watch them closely as they could shape the future of digital marketing.

As per a report by Oberlo, 93 million new users took to using mobile phones last year. We shall likely see millions more in the coming years if this trend continues.

Brands are continuously eyeing new ways and opportunities of connecting with customers. As a result, many trends have emerged, and they are all set to make a lasting impact on the way brands market themselves in the virtual space.

Here’s a quick look at some of the prominent ones.

1. Video marketing is more aggressive than ever.

People prefer consuming content in the form of short videos over boring pages of text. It is easier to convince a buyer by showing him what a product does through visuals in a quick video than make them read a manual! Up from 78% in the year 2015, 92% of the marketers said in a survey by Visme that videos are an essential part of their content marketing strategy.

Be ready to revise your content marketing strategy with a strong focus on video marketing. Unless you do that, there is a chance you will lose sales to your competitors who harness this form of content to their advantage.

Source: Visme

2. Consistent focus on leveraging brand advocacy

We tend to trust a brand if we trust the source of the positive message about its offerings. Therefore, brand advocacy is among the most effective and affordable approaches to enhancing your credibility in the market. In addition, influencer marketing works wonders when it comes to levelling up your brand.

3. Instagram reels are the in thing!

We have seen how massive a trend Instagram reels have become. Reels may not always be of the best quality, but they allow visual effects and music to create short viral content. For this reason, marketers prefer creating reels over long videos as the way to serve catchy, engagement-driven content to followers. If done effectively, reels foster engagement and boost organic reach through content shares.

TikTok took the world by storm in 2020 with the creative and humour-loaded videos posted by people on its platform. Soon, Instagram came up with Reels to lure millennials to spend more time on the app. This quick upgrade has helped it successfully keep the audience engaged on its platform.

4. Smooth, friction-free experience for customers

Sitting at home while the pandemic had taken the world over, consumers become accustomed to online shopping.

According to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, 42% of people are willing to pay extra for a friendly and welcoming experience in the US, and 65% of people rate positive brand experience higher than effective advertising. Further, 73% of customers have indicated that their experience with the brand influences their purchase decisions and brand loyalty.

It is vital to streamline the digital realm of your brand so that:

  • buyers find what they require within a quick time
  • don’t undergo a complex buying process, and
  • get efficient customer services without having to run back and forth.
5. Customer security and privacy are of paramount importance

The digital world has its pros and cons- data and security breaches being among the most significant lapses unless companies are cautious.

2021 has been witnessing greater emphasis from companies in implementing stringent security protocols, so that customer information is safe. They understand that they cannot afford to lose the trust customers place in them. Hence, they go the extra mile to safeguard customer privacy.

6. Conversational marketing steals the show!

The efficacy of live chat as a medium of directly engaging with customers has put the spotlight on conversational marketing. Customers favour the live mode of communication, and chatbots are ideal for routine queries or assistance.

Conversational marketing is effective because:

  • companies can talk to customers at a convenient time for the latter,
  • customers can pick up the conversation from where they left it last if they got busy in between
7. Boost in the creation of interactive content

2020 was the year of social distancing, and while people remained physically distant, they were left to interact on screens. For this reason, brands changed their approach and invested their efforts in building human involvement. Currently, the idea is to increase creativity to create interactive experiences for consumers.

Today, the audience does not prefer to be a mere spectator but wants to be involved in the content to have an engaging experience with the brand. When content is interactive, the audience engages on it longer than just giving a glance.

Parting thoughts

We can safely say that the strategies that have evolved over the last year and a half are not merely fads but changes that will last for a long time.

These digital marketing trends have a proven record of promoting engagement and conversions. Hence, it is beneficial to make them a part of your online marketing strategy.

Meyvn World is your digital marketing expert with an extensive knowledge and experience of how things function in the virtual space. Yes, we can help you level up your business by leveraging the latest marketing trends to the best of your advantage and witnessing noticeable results.

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