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Four Keys for a Successful Digital Marketing Transformation

Digital Marketing Transformation

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From television, radio, and print media to Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest, the digital media landscape changed in many ways and your business will need to undergo the digital marketing transformation one day!

There’s no denying that the world is rapidly shifting its approach toward digital marketing. In this fast-paced society, there is a dire need for organizations to keep up with the changing trends.

Facebook made its way in 2004 and opened new doors for businesses to build their brand. Similarly, other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit are joining the digital marketing transformation.

The digital ecosystem has grown manifold, making it imperative to analyze the indicators of digital marketing transformation.

Let us take a closer look at the ensuing points which indicate that your digital marketing needs transformation.

1. Your digital marketing is siloed

If your creative team, data analytics team, and design team are working in isolation, your marketing is siloed.

For instance, your creative team will arbitrarily develop graphics according to their instinct if your analytics team fails to deliver statistics about the best-performing creatives.

Your marketing approach is siloed because your teams lack communication – this lack of communication leads to inconsistency.

Breaking down silos between various departments is the first step in creating an effective, integrated marketing strategy. To succeed in integrated marketing, you must pull together the different departments with a clear, effective strategy.

Your audience wants a consistent message across all channels, whether they communicate with a representative directly or engage with the website.

You can achieve this goal by integrating display campaigns into your marketing strategies by identifying your brand’s target audience. You must know the channels through which you can directly hit your target audience!

But if your analytics team fails to provide regular insights into a profitable customer base and demographics, how will your ad agency target its prospects?

Your teams work in isolation – it leads to a siloed approach. You must break down these silos as the resistance to share information in an integrated manner benefits none.

The cross-functional approach of marketing has countless advantages. Let us understand how breaking down silos will enhance the efficiency of your workforce.

It encourages the staff to oversee a project through each department from the beginning to the end. Breaking down silos makes the management of projects more effective and more manageable.

Overcoming silos encourages team participation and avoids duplication of work. Breaking down silos helps to boost the retention of knowledge while facilitating continuous productivity.

2. Your digital marketing centers around Google and Facebook

Did you know? Facebook and Google are the highly-competitive advertising giants.

Why do you fight for ad space on these two platforms when you can invest the same time, money, and energy in alternative channels?

Your prospects do not live on one channel, so why should you?

It’s time to switch your digital marketing efforts to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Tik Tok. Your focus must lie on native advertising through these channels.

Facebook had 1.84 billion, while Twitter had 200 million monetizable daily active users in 2020. Tik Tok has 689 million active users in Q1 of 2021, and Instagram serves as a platform with 116.3 million active users.

Why do your marketing efforts center around only one platform when many other platforms provide an excellent opportunity to reach a diverse audience?

Facebook’s growth has declined and become expensive. Alternative channels such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, and Pinterest have the potential if you are willing to explore and reach more audiences.

You must invest your time, money, and energy simultaneously on different channels rather than expanding it on just one or two.

It works best to remind yourself that your advertising strategies must impact your audience. To analyze customer actions, you must know how these users switch between platforms to consume information.

You can harness the power of email and WhatsApp to stay in touch with your audience. The frequently your prospects listen or read about you, the better potential they have of becoming loyal customers.

3. You ignore influencer marketing

Are you planning to hire a celebrity to endorse your brand? Well, Kim Kardashian or Kendall Jenner won’t help shoot up your business’ sales.

Companies are shifting their focus and investing in nano, micro, or macro-influencers rather than celebrities. Are you left behind in the race? You need to buckle up – it’s time for you to re-evaluate and reinvent the wheel.

Influencer marketing is a real and effective global marketing strategy because nano, micro, and macro-influencers have a higher engagement rate than celebrities.

Nano, micro, and macro-influencers are more trustworthy, cost-effective, have powerful connections, and are authentic. You will portray your company as an innovative leader by aligning your brand with trending influencers rather than getting it endorsed by celebrities.

More than 85% of Gen Z (read uses social media to find new products. Therefore, if your marketing goal is to increase sales and revenue, influencer marketing can help you achieve this objective.

4. You still follow manual bidding

If you still follow manual bidding, then it’s time to automate your process.

You must give yourself a chance to reach your target audience through real-time bidding.

Manual bidding involves managing your bids straight through AdWords or Bing – making bid increases or decreases based on several factors. The factors influencing manual bidding include past keyword performance or ad position.

One of the significant disadvantages of manual bidding is that it will rapidly turn into a full-time task for PPC managers as it is time-consuming.

A high level of skill and knowledge is needed to learn how to customize ads efficiently based on the individual results of keywords. Hence, marketers are relying more on real-time bidding rather than manual bidding.

You must weigh the opportunities and advantages of shifting your focus from manual bidding to real-time bidding. When switching from manual bidding to real-time bidding, many advertisers see increased output and efficiency.

Real-time bidding enables you to segment and categorizes the campaigns into custom directories. It will allow you to tackle your larger accounts on a macro level with bandwidth independence.

You can concentrate on growth opportunities while keeping an eye on everyday performance. It can be daunting in large-scale or complicated accounts to handle all of the thousands of keywords so that automation can increase productivity.

Real-time bidding drives the most potential from your keywords at a set maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bid – the amount you are willing to spend to appear for a given search term.


Digital marketing transformation is one of the most significant developments globally, and it is a never-ending process. These indicators will enable you to become the pioneer of innovation and change.

You can harness the power of digital marketing transformation by updating your marketing approach and strategy.

With the correct employment of indicators in your digital marketing strategies, we are optimistic that your digital journey will be smooth and rewarding.

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