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Influencer Marketing is not something new. It works because people are influenced by people.

 And word-of-mouth is still the most trusted source for recommendations. More than ever, today, consumers listen to each other over brands. That’s why influencers are so powerful. They are individuals trusted by loyal followers across digital platforms. Influencers begin conversations and it gets easier for brands to target their audiences on a big scale.

Meyvn World ensures, through our influencer marketing services, that brands engage audiences worldwide with top influencers. We execute campaigns through creative influencer marketing methods to leverage your brand story. As a result, we enable brands to scale and reach millions of people.

Our creative team develops  a unique connection between the brand and the influencer. The experienced team helps you collaborate with popular creators with huge following fan base which will boost your brand image. And then we develop  a story to execute and amplify  your brand story.

In fact, choosing the right influencers for your brand can be tough and a time consuming task. There are many factors to consider:

  • Brand alignment
  • Quality of content
  • Size of audience
  • Relevance of Audience to brand
  • Engagement with Audience
  • Actual reach & impressions
  • Assessment of Brand safety, and many others

At Meyvn World, our mission is to select the right influencers for your brand. By using existing technologies, personal vetting, and experience, we carefully shortlist influencers that add credibility and a strong performance to your brand.


Would you like to know how to add influencer marketing in your marketing mix? Meyvn World can provide valuable insights and expert consultation to help you and your team gain a deeper understanding of influencer marketing.

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