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Facebook Ads: 5 Features You Need To Be Aware

5 Facebook Ads Features That You Probably Did Not Know

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Facebook is still a pivotal public digital square today despite its many problems. Politicians and writers mostly use Twitter. Gen Z adores TikTok and Snapchat, while Facebook fills the gaps everywhere else. A marketer’s job is getting increasingly harder as Facebook ads are becoming more like Google AdWords. 

The US and Canada experienced their most extraordinary Facebook ad sales quarter in Q4-2020, according to Statista. In addition, monthly active users continue to increase on the platform in the US. 

We will speak about the five important Facebook ad features in greater depth in this article. These Facebook ad features can help attract more people and improve your sales.

1. Breakdown of results

If you are like the majority, who dabbled in FB advertisements, you have gone through the dreaded feeling – “My ads did not work.” And maybe that’s true. But did you know that your advertisements connect to a bunch of available information? This can give you an idea of why they did not work. Make relevant adjustments to your upcoming ads using that knowledge.

Go to Ads Manager and you will see a button  “breakdown” on the upper right of your ad results. Click on it and you will see a download list with many different selections. For example, you can break down the results according to age, placements, country, and days of the week. 

2. Free stock images

If you create an ad, you may select thousands of free stock pictures from a searchable database. Shutterstock leads the picture collection space but it has a major warning. The photos may not follow the requirements of Facebook advertising, so you should be aware and carefully select while using Shutterstock. 

You would not want your advertising rejected by stupid techniques like the 20% text rule on Ad Images, would you?

3. “Crop Images” in Ads Manager

You need to use appropriate picture sizes for various sorts of Facebook ads. With Ads Manager from `Facebook, you can find the right picture sizes for your ads. By choosing the suitable picture size, your ad will appear excellent on all the devices and platforms you can view (mobile, desktop, Instagram, right-hand column). Alternatively, you may use Canva, PicMonkey, or Photoshop to resize pictures to the right size if you create the images yourself. 

The ‘Crop Image’ function used, usually, in haste or when you use free stock pictures.

4. See video views audience

Videos play a vital part in advertising your company since they improve communication and organic reach. Most SMEs are unaware that individuals who viewed your video can help build the audience more efficiently so that additional advertising can be shown later. These consumers can click on your further services and goods.

Go to the ‘Ads Manager’ and click Audiences to build the audience. You will find a dialogue box, click on “Make audience” and then pick the “Custom audience” dialogue box. You will be able to create a video based on the number of views in your video, then click on the option “Engagement on Facebook.” This feature will enable you to see audience traffic on Facebook.

5. Schedule posts in ads manager

The “Publishing Tools” menus contains this feature.  It is really useful, particularly if you use Promoted Post. To schedule Facebook posts, you do not need Hootsuite or Buffer. You may do it correctly on Facebook, and even posts in backdates can show in your schedule earlier. 

This may be quite helpful in bigger teams where the individual is responsible for creating and uploading Facebook content for your social PPC ads.

Summing up!

In a nutshell, these five features will help stack up against your social media marketing efforts to reach your objectives. 

Whether you are new to Facebook advertisements or if you have been utilising ads for some time, there is a lot that you probably did not realise was still there. Facebook ads manager can help you right from cropping pictures to finding free stock pictures to save you time. The Ad Manager gives you several dynamic choices for social media marketing.

You can contact us and book a free consultation with us today to streamline your social media marketing efforts.

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