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Lead Generation

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When companies start opening after coronavirus lockdowns, navigating the right online lead generation approach can be a struggle. However, SEM and SEO strategies will help companies gain more momentum during this period. Lead Generation with Search Engines is overall tricky, but these measures can allow the company to succeed.

“Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important part of lead generation because it makes your site more visible to potential leads. Without good SEO, you risk never being found.” – (SEO for Lead Generation: Knowing Your Search Engines)

Lead generation is a mechanism to attract your target customers in the purchase of your services and goods. These individuals are known as leads. Leads can bind in many ways to your enterprise. For example, networking activities, social media and advertisements  contribute to lead generation.

However, the website is one of the most popular methods for lead generation. In any phase of the consumer journey, lead generation is essential:

  • At the awareness stage, people know that they have an issue but still do not know that you can help.
  • At the assessment point, they’re searching for answers.
  • And even during the process of conversion, where they will decide if they want to partner with you.

In this unprecedented era, Meyvn World is helping business customers pivot rapidly and here’s what we see works for most businesses.

1. Analyzing key sales metrics & profit margins

Lead generation, in particular for high-dollar services and goods, can be complicated. As lead generation aims to drive company profit and development, it is crucial to understand essential metrics by answering the questions below.

Determining if these metrics shifted during the pandemic can allow you to harness the COVID-19 effect positively. Find your –

  • Normal closing rate
  • Typical value per closing rate
  • Average margin of profit

Once you have the correct information, you will use that while you work on the other steps.

2. Understanding the marketing landscape

Companies have unused budgets because of the pandemic. The budget would have been initially assigned to festivals, trade fairs, printing, outdoor and in-store promotional services. This budget should be ideally shifted to digital to maximise the potential of online as it is currently underfunded at the moment. This is more important now because of the amount of time people spend online.

When you consider the internal marketing environment, you will identify obstacles to determining the internal and external tools needed to advance the lead generation process. Firstly, you can increase the monitoring capacity. Secondly, outsource your digital marketing. Thirdly, improve online connectivity overall. And lastly, understand the marketing processes from depth.

Understand the current marketing landscape by analyzing –

  • Marketing strategies that drive leads,
  • Percentage of gross revenue allocated to marketing,
  • The accessibility of your website,
  • The incentive value for prospects who reach out,
  • The integration of data into CRM, and
  • The number of leads through organic and paid marketing.

3. Determining the right digital strategy

Since prospects and clients now work from their homes, they spend a lot more time on Google, Facebook and YouTube. So, accessibility on these main sites are a crucial factor in online success for your business. Firstly, assess your desired lead generation targets by understanding your current marketing environment. Secondly, implement various strategies to find the company’s right digital approach.

Here’s how you can find the right digital strategy for yourself:

  • Define your leads goals for specific services and products
  • Compete intelligently with online competitors
  • Determine A/B testing budget based on the channels
  • Develop strategies for different channels
  • Form and outline of lead generation
  • Set up a strategic plan for SEO (Geo, SERP, etc.) and SEM (Google Ads, FB Ads, etc.)
  • Track and report each channel
  • Optimize the strategies according to reports

Lead generation through SEO

Creating content is not enough; you must optimise this content for users to reach via search engines. Creating content is not enough; you must optimise this content. This content has to be optimised for users to reach via search engines. You first have to GET this traffic i.e. the right target audience to transform it into leads.

95% of the online traffic is going to pages on the first page of the search results list. People often tend to click on the top three results. If you want to attract leads, you should focus on entering the top results by –

  • Using target keywords in headings and subheading
  • Adding target keywords and semantic keywords in the content
  • Linking internal content and sources

Lead generation through SEM

You can also get traffic via search engine marketing (SEM) when you have produced a great piece of content. This means promoting your content through the advertisements which appear in search results. These advertisements appear for searches that are important to your choice of keywords, so targeting ads for the right keywords is an integral part of this lead-generation approach for content marketing and SEO.

You can also generate leads from advertisements on other pages, either through Google Ads or through a content discovery network.

Hire an agency

Understanding how to use the correct data is critical for developing a sustainable digital media approach to improve customer growth over time. These measures listed in this article will direct your approach to building a sound plan for lead generation.

You must hire a digital marketing agency specializing in lead generation to take care of all your growth tactics and generate more leads. Contact us today for free strategic consultation, and we will offer the best lead generation strategies through SEM and SEO.

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