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How can bloggers profit from e-mail marketing?

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An e-mail list is the most valuable tool for any blogger, more important than visitors’ traffic. This is the primary reason that makes e-mail marketing the top channel for professional and amateur bloggers.

An e-mail list allows you to access your audience without any filters or competing algorithms directly. In this article, we will focus on how bloggers can profit from e-mail marketing, but you can read more about e-mail marketing as an essential element of digital marketing strategy to widen your understanding.

Why care about e-mail marketing?

  • You own the list: To get viewership, you don’t have to pay for updates in the algorithm or deal with other sites. You don’t have to play along with the algorithm.
  • You can create your brand: You can enhance your blog’s personality, and the more you stand out, the more interest you draw.
  • You can create custom messages: You can deliver targeted messages to people and grow your e-mail list. Custom e-mails generate 6x higher transactions!
  • You can measure, scale, and customize your e-mail marketing: Y our e-mail marketing can quickly scale as your e-mail list expands. What you’ll likely do is pay a little more for your e-mail service.

Why should every blogger use e-mail marketing?

As social media is all hyped these days, many bloggers head to sites like Instagram and Facebook to find their fame online. Though these platforms are perfect for developing your online brand, there are still many threats associated with social media channels. The way to establish relationships that can overcome social media threats is through e-mail marketing. When you collect e-mail followers, you will communicate freely, wherever you want—without any intervention from third parties.

E-mail marketing can continue to increase the blog’s visibility by gaining new visitors and engaging current visitors.

How to make the most of e-mail marketing as a blogger?

Investing in e-mail marketing is a crucial step towards building a highly engaged community. E-mail marketing is one of the driving forces behind a successful digital marketing strategy, and here’s how you can make the most of it.

1. Polish your content to get a headstart

You may get an e-mail list full of quality subscribers and opportunities, but you might not be getting a headstart. And if the e-mails are not able to build a connection with those who receive them, it will not change anything.

The positive news is that you can refine your e-mail content and generate conversions. You can undertake various measures to make your content captivating and make it easier for your reader to navigate through the e-mail. Here’s how you can polish your content:

  • Keep the message crisp and concise.
  • Create an information hierarchy, reveal the most relevant information first.
  • If you have something to say, split up the content of your headlines into parts.
  • Organize your e-mail with newsletters and paragraphs for easy reading so that people can absorb your message as soon as possible.

2. Create attention-grabbing headlines and subject

Your first impression is the key to make a positive impact on your audience, and in the case of e-mails, your subject line contributes to making a lasting impression. A carefully curated catchy subject line would prompt the receiver to open the e-mail content and go through it. Your subject line must:

  • Be short, sweet, and to the point,
  • Contain the name of the recipient,
  • Adhere to around 65 character limit, and
  • Be specific to the content.

3. Use a clever call-to-action button

The placement of a call-to-action button largely determines the success of your e-mail marketing campaign as it helps to drive traffic to your blog. Call-to-actions provide people with a connection to a website or an offers page; think of it as a connecting link between the e-mail recipient and your website. The performance of your e-mail boils down to the CTA button and whether the recipient will click on it or not. Here’s how you can improve your CTAs:

  • Make your call-to-action attention-grabbing, not annoying.
  • Link it to the blog and maintain clickability.
  • Use a clever copy to inspire action.
  • Create a high contrast call-to-action

4. Be consistent while sending e-mails

Analyze the best day and time to send out your e-mails and stick to them. Whatever works for others might not work for you, so make sure you test multiple times before sticking to one particular schedule. Your loyal audience will get accustomed to receiving e-mails from you at that specific time, and we’re sure you wouldn’t want to keep them waiting. You can also hire a digital marketing agency and rule out the worry of sending e-mails as the digital marketers will take care of it.

  • Create a consistent schedule
  • Welcome new subscribers with automated e-mails
  • Craft subject lines according to the schedule
  • Use templates to maintain consistency throughout the e-mail

Your e-mails should tell a story

As a blogger, your audience, traffic, and revenues will increase if you deploy e-mail marketing correctly. Tell your audience a story and expand on it with subsequent e-mails. You can send welcome e-mails, trigger e-mails, promotional e-mails, newsletters, and retargeting e-mails. To make the most of your e-mail marketing strategy as a blogger, it is important to:

  • Know your audience as understanding them helps you target effectively.
  • Create personalized content and add value to it.
  • Collect e-mail addresses through opt-in forms.
  • Craft an engaging story around your brand to attract a new audience.

Once you place all the points mentioned above correctly in your digital marketing strategy, there’s no looking back!

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