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Exhibition Stand Graphics- How to attract great footfall!

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Planning to exhibit your offerings in a trade show? Exhibition Stand graphics are a fantastic idea if you are clear about the message you want to convey to your visitors who hold the potential to be your clients in future.

Voila! How you must design the graphics and content lies in your answer!

Exhibition stand graphics are the best way for your brand to do the talking in a competitive space where you are vying for the attention of your prospects. You need a combination of these three styles of graphics for the desired impact.

1) Bold and Beautiful – Towering

If you are considering graphics of your company logo that your visitors will see from a distance, keep them large and bold as they will be placed at a height. The text has to be minimal, you can play with the design and develop something eye-catching.

2) Smart and Catchy – Mid-range

As visitors inch closer to your booth, perhaps just a couple of booths away, grab their attention with graphics that are visible and readable from a distance of 15-40 feet. Include the product name or a short slogan/tagline that you can read from a little far.

3) Up, Close and Personal – Short-range

When visitors reach your booth, use the opportunity to serve them with information about your brand and offerings. These graphics shall be viewed within 10 feet distance and should be at eye length or at a suitable height to make reading comfortable. Make them catchy with just enough text regarding the features, benefits and vital product information.

Source: Quantum Exhibitions.

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With a myriad of exhibition stands in a trade show, the idea behind your stand is that it must stand out (pun intended), garner eyeballs and create a lasting impression. Space restrictions and a significant number of booths may add to the complexity.

While we have delved into the strategy behind designing your graphics, it also pays to keep these pointers in mind.

1. Light it up

Light lends an inviting appeal and helps you make the best of the ambience. Go for spotlights, angled lightboxes or coloured lights to highlight your stand and draw visitors to your booth.

2. Life-size imagery

Huge, life-size images are powerful; they stay on the mind, and you tend to recall them more often. Make your graphics talk instead of using too much text to communicate to your audience.

3. Experiment with different materials

Contemporary designs showcase an interplay of materials such as brushed aluminium, detailing done with chrome or sleek plastic mouldings. Therefore, combine a few to create an enticing effect!

4. Deploy technology

If yours is a tech-focused business, why not demonstrate your skills using a technology your visitors have not seen before. For example, use a live prototype or show a demo of what your prized product does to give a first-hand experience of your offerings to your prospects!

5. Focus on building the atmosphere

Apart from lights, play with colours, textures and layouts to get the visitors interested.

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