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8 Digital Marketing strategies that have emerged in 2021

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Digital Marketing is one of the best ways to help your business soar to new heights of success. Well, this makes sense irrespective of the size or scale of operations. Moreover, sound Digital Marketing Strategies helps retain audience and keep them engaged.

Marketers should know that what digital marketing strategies would work best for your business?

Certainly. And with 2020 as the year of the pandemic, it’s side-effects continued in 2021. It affected consumer behavior in a huge and left an indelible mark in the mind of consumers,

Now, the question arises, what is digital marketing strategy and what is required with post pandemic effect??

A digital marketing strategy helps your business to achieve it’s goals through online channels. Here, online channels mean Search Engines and Social Media. Hence, to make these channels successful, we must constantly monitor our presence for optimum results.

Here we have listed few tips that will help you to prepare worthy Digital Marketing Strategies for your business.

1. SEO friendly Blogs

If you haven’t started to write blogs on your business website, the right time to start is now. As per First Site Guide, 77% of people regularly read blogs online.

To write SEO friendly blogs the writeups should focus on the solution to the problem. Moreover, alignment of business products and services within the content must be the key feature. For instance, add most-searched keywords relevant to your business to bring organic traffic to your website.

If your audience find your content valuable and products or services affordable, they will most likely associate with you. Read our blog on how to create a successful blog for quick wins.

2. Build direct relationships

Today, most of brands seek consumer attention in the digital market. Hence, it has become essential to build one-on-one relationships with consumers through tailor-made content.

According to Forbes 73% of the companies with above-average customer experience perform financially better. In addition, 96% of customers say that customer service is essential and helps them to turn loyal towards the brand.

Digital Marketing

SourceInfluencer Marketing Hub

3. Customer retention

When the world came to a standstill in 2020, and it became important to hold and retain customers. For this, B2C businesses, brands channeled their energies around mobile marketing.

When small businesses were hit hard by the pandemic they tried to hold on to their client base. And they understood that it was more economical to retain existing customers than to get the new ones.

Hence, we saw an increase in loyalty incentives for customers when they shopped on mobile applications.

4.  Retail on Social Media

The trend to sell product and services on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook is increased like never before. Moreover, these platforms are a favored choice among users because they allow shorter buyer journeys. Retail Social Commerce Sales in the USA was $26.97 Billion in 2020.

Digital Marketing

SourceInfluencer Marketing Hub

5.  Growth in buyer forums and communities

Community Management has emerged as a strong digital marketing strategy in 2021 to build  loyalty among customers.

As per Vanilla Forums, 66% of branded communities say that the community has an impact customer retention. Further, 68% of branded communities say that the community has helped to create new leads.

Businesses must understand customer needs and preferences. This way they are able to engage them for mutual gains.

6.  Update Videos on YouTube

The search engine on YouTube is popular for tutorials and other knowledge items of value. Therefore, businesses should boost traffic to their website by use of keyword tools. These tools should be used to check broad keywords relevant to their industry.

So, once you have identified a keyword that works for you, go ahead and make videos that will genuinely help customers.

As per Sprout Social, YouTube is used by 55% of marketers. Additionally, 89% of video marketers plan to include YouTube in their 2021 video marketing strategy.

For example:

  1. If you sell eye makeup cosmetics, consider to post a tutorial video on smoky eyes makeup.
  2. Don’t try to be too promotional.

2020 witnessed a upward trend in YouTube users, and it continued in 2021. Many internet users frequently use this platform. This provided marketers with enough scope to engage with the target market.

7.  Post casual videos on social media

Social Media continues to rule, and users have increased post the pandemic took over.

Fun social videos trend on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, particularly since 2020. These platforms have millions of users globally. Therefore, after users gave a rousing response to reels and stories, Twitter came up with ‘Fleets’ with 24-hr video capabilities to keep the Twitterati engaged.

Gradually, marketers started to pay a lot of attention to incorporate fun design and breath-taking shots in the reels compared to static posts.

When you design your digital marketing strategies, remember that formal content does not work as before, and you do not need to look professional every time. And yet, casual videos find a lot of followers on social media platforms.

8. Go live on social media platforms

Today businesses constantly find ways of directly engage with their clients and live streams made this possible. Therefore, interaction with audience in the real-time becomes more important than before. As, in 2020 brands found themselves distant from their loyal base.

Aerobics, yoga instructors and other service providers stopped offline visitors due to the lockdowns. Due to this they all went for other alternate options like live sessions to keep fans engaged.

As per Grand View Research, it is expected that the live streaming industry will be valued at $184.3 billion by 2027.

Digital Marketing
Source: Influencer Marketing Hub
Final Thoughts

As the world is on the course of recovery from the pandemic we must do things right. Let’s prepare a well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

Meyvn World is your digital marketing expert with the availability of all the up-to-date marketing methods in the virtual world.

So, get in touch with us today to have your digital marketing strategy in place.

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