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E-mail Marketing and content marketing : a key element in 2021

e-mail marketing

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More than five billion email addresses exist online. This marketing channel is exceptionally productive to create brand accountability and develop client relationships. For some time, the importance of E-mail marketing has declined as social media has become the medium of choice. However, E-mail marketing and content marketing are together a key strategy that cannot be undermined.

However, it is making a massive comeback!!

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of targeted marketing enabling companies to deliver advertising messages to a group of prospective consumers via email. It is a reliable and cost-efficient tool for acquiring new customers, creating brand equity, growing retail revenue, and promoting confidence and trust in the consumer base of a business.

The scope goes beyond this basic description, though.

A company also has to think beyond the basic notion of email services. After all, emails are a means of sending personalized letters throughout the globe. It maintains the flow of information by being a highly effective digital marketing strategy if correctly applied to turn customers into consumers. 

Email marketing might not be unique and exceptional but continues to showcase tremendous success as one of the core elements of your digital marketing strategy.

Numbers that you can’t ignore

Despite the increasing proliferation of social networks and text messaging, the importance of emails continues to expand. Let us run you through some email marketing statistics from Wordstream which will blow your mind:

  • Email is the third most potent source of relevant information for B2B audiences.
  • 86% of business owners use email for business purposes in their communications.
  • Welcome emails are highly effective, with 320 percent more earnings per email than other promotional emails on average.
  • Consumers who buy products by e-mail spend 138% more than people who do not receive e-mail offers.

The statistics continue to flood in, but the message is visible. Email marketing succeeds when it comes to commitment and customization. In addition to the statistics, there is a multitude of reasons why businesses are benefitting from email marketing.

Why must your digital strategy involve email marketing?

While you can send emails automatically in mass volumes, the interface makes it easy for people to read, interact and build a connection with your business.

Email marketing is not just about establishing links; it’s about sustaining them. It assists in carrying out work harmoniously from all vertices of the industry, for example, existing clients, prospects, former clients, and retailers.

  • Everyone owns an email address

E-mail is a customer favorite marketing medium for communicating with enterprises. What is the pre-requisite to creating a Facebook profile? Of course, an email address! 

About half the world’s population uses e-mail, with over 3.8 billion e-mail accounts working globally. This population is higher than the estimated global number of social media netizens. People use their email actively and check their inboxes from time to time.

It is easy to see that e-mail marketing’s appeal is inevitable as people find it easier to purchase emails. That’s why deploying email marketing in the marketing strategy is a good move.

  • Increase your brand awareness with regular emails

Your branding begins when a prospect fills in their contact details, such as an email. Email marketing enables you to carry out tailored promotions to increase brand recognition. It will promote loyalty by providing consumers with direct links to information that gives them value. 

Not all mails must be about sales; e-mail marketing will make the branding more of a general talk rather than a marketing pitch.

Additionally, you can drive traffic back to your site via links in your email content; this traffic enhances your brand’s longevity. The best approach is to hire a digital marketing agency to execute this process.

  • Personalize your email message

You will surely secure a clear and intimate connection with any existing and potential customer through emails. You can be friendly and address the needs of your clients with a personal message. And you can do all this without invading your audiences’ personal space with your advertising activities.

Today, consumers don’t want a mailbox with the same promotional emails again and again. Personalization is a crucial factor in improving click-through rates and increasing conversions. It is much more attractive for consumers to look at their names in the subject than just a mere ‘ hello!’

  • Emails won’t cost you much

Effective, affordable, and quick e-mail marketing makes it possible for a brand to attract a massive number of people.

Traditional marketing methods required expensive sales collateral such as brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, etc, which included a lot of postage.   Email heads right into a virtual ‘inbox’ and evades all the hassle. Email monitoring also enables you to access the follow-up data automatically. From sending out the first message, a brand can begin to foster relationships and rekindle the spirit of connectivity.

  • ‘Lastly, email marketing is eco-friendly’ – save paper and tress too!

How relevant is email marketing? 

Compared to other media platforms used to meet the target audience, email remains the best way to attract traffic and communicate while driving awareness and sales. No other medium is as effective as e-mail marketing in developing close customer ties.

Email marketing had an unexpected boom, so it’s all worth it as convenience and safety is the essential key behind its popularity. If social media is a crowded railway junction, then email platforms are a library. It’s calm, there are plenty of details, and to get it you don’t have to go too far!

Our world is imbued with the positive outlook of emails. A customized contact encourages the customer journey, and e-mail marketing enables you to understand your customers better and encourages them to identify your brand more quickly.

Are you getting the best out of your e-mail newsletters? 

If you are overwhelmed with creating an excellent, licensed mailing list and designing a winning email campaign to get the target group engaged and converted, Meyvn World will assist. The results that Meyvn World’s team of exceptional email marketers can achieve – from creating successful advertising emails to the implementation of marketing automation and monitoring your email campaigns – no one else can match it. Get in touch with us today and start off!

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