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E-Commerce Marketing Plan: 4 tactics that you can deploy

e-Commerce Marketing Plan: 4 tactics that you must employ

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A robust and well thought marketing plan is essential for a successful E-Commerce website. The aim should be to increase brand awareness and generate traffic. Moreover, the website should encourage customers to revisit and induce repeat transactions.  This will be possible only if the website provides customers with a pleasant shopping experience. To achieve these goals, a realistic and practical E-Commerce marketing plan is required. 

What is E-Commerce marketing?

In simple words, E-Commerce marketing is a series of promotional tactics to convert incoming website traffic into paying customers. In addition, it should also encourage them to come back for another purchase.

A comprehensive approach to E-Commerce marketing involves both online and offline marketing techniques. With a good marketing plan one can create brand awareness, promote customer loyalty and eventually improve online sales. In other words, E-Commerce marketing can also be used to advertise the whole range of products in the online shop. As a result, one could achieve more sales for select products or services.

Oberlo estimates that there will be 2.14 billion global digital buyers in 2021.

How can you optimise your E-Commerce marketing strategy?

Like everyone else, if you have questions like

  • What are some proven E-Commerce strategies that can boost my business sales? 
  • What tactics will actually work for my business? 

Then,  you are on the right page. In this article, we look at four proven marketing tactics that you can deploy to outrank your competitors. As a result, it will help increase E-Commerce sales through the website. 

1. Optimise the E-Commerce website

The E-Commerce domain is broad. Even though prominent firms focus on giving more attention to customers, we cannot ignore the huge competition that exists. The typical conversion rate is 2-3%. Moreover, pay-per-click advertising and search engines are becoming increasingly expensive to attract new visitors. Hence it is important to deploy a proven E-Commerce marketing strategy. This marketing strategy will be successful in attracting the most visitors to the website. This also includes current customers.

Improvement of conversion rates is a constant process. It involves a constant review and required improvement of your website. The changes will affect the experience and the decision making of customers. With CRO tools, you can always learn more from the behaviour of your customers and improve the conversion of your site and app.

2. Add vivid product descriptions

When customers buy online, they rely on the description of the product or service. These descriptions answers all questions that a sales person would usually answer. Therefore, in addition to a specific FAQ page on your website, do provide an overall explanation of the keywords for your products. This helps improve the buying experience and also reduce chances of refund claims or exchanges. 

SEO will also benefit from the addition of effective and useful product descriptions. These should be specific and clear descriptions. Search engines may browse and display results in front of people browsing for your company name, product or IDs (such as SKUs), etc.

81 percent of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase online, says Oberlo’s research.

3. Enable browser push notifications

Encourage your clients to install your mobile app. As a result, this helps customers receive notifications of deals or discounts on their mobile.  Moreover, you can also encourage customers to use the web or browser push notifications. In contrast to app push notifications, desktop and mobile browsers work with web push notifications. This communication platform is very convincing. Moreover, it is powerfully packed with functions such as scheduling and segmentation of audiences.

Sending push notifications of your marketing campaigns enables you to communicate with your customers. You can regularly maintain contact with your clients (or potential customers) at different levels of the buyer journey. The good part is clients do not have to reveal their email address or any other personal details when someone signs up for your web push alerts. Also, once they choose to log in, they won’t necessarily need to be on our website to receive your push alerts anytime they are online.

4. Give alternate payment options

Consumers now have more options to pay for products and services. With more payment alternatives including new and popular mobile-based services, you make it easier for prospects to make purchases. Certainly, it can be a difficult task to optimise your site and the checkout process, but it is a wonderful means of increasing online sales. Moreover, this is true particularly when you have high mobile traffic on your site.

How to increase sales through proven E-Commerce marketing tactics?

Personalisation is the key behind every marketing effort. Think about your experience of going to a restaurant. If the owner already knows your name and treats you with utmost courtesy, how would it make you feel? Wouldn’t you feel obliged?

Similarly, craft an E-Commerce experience for your customers. You may also personalise based on the location. This can provide a worldwide experience for your customers. For instance, while someone in Southern India may be searching for suits in October, your North Indian clients may require jackets, for instance. So remember – make it personal!

However, if you face any struggle in implementing or to find the right strategy, you can count on us. Our website design and launch services are fully developed to help you with designing an E-Commerce website that suits your objectives. 

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