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Corporate Gift Ideas: 21 Quick Wins To Help You Get Started

Corporate Gift Ideas

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We know that you are exhausted of sending presents for the dirty corners of desks and wardrobes; therefore, we have a listing of gender-neutral corporate gift ideas with sufficient uniqueness and efforts for those gifts to become valued possessions or well-preserved souvenirs. These gifting ideas will strengthen your business connections in numerous ways.

One way to do it is with unique corporate gifts as a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Corporate gifts are helpful – whether as a marketing effort or as a business links retainer. In short, the use of corporate gifts offers several advantages. Every company should be aware that gifting is essential to growing their business. There are many corporate gift ideas that one can implement based on the client’s taste.

But remember, gifting is interpreted differently in different regions. Hence, a strategy on corporate gift ideas must take the regional beliefs and understanding into account before execution. On the other hand, a new study estimates the corporate gifting market will reach $242 billion this year and continue growing at an accelerated 8.1% CAGR through 2024.

Are you ready to become a master of gifts? Continue reading further and learn about 21 quick winners for your corporate gift ideas.

1. Succulents or indoor desk plants

These stylish workplace decorations will brighten the day for your customers and remind them of their achievements. Furthermore, succulents and air plants do not need much water or upkeep and are easy to preserve for many years.

2. Cool mobile stands

How about gifting a mobile stand to your clients for their workplace that really looks exotic? A mobile stand will sort the life of most of your clients. Most importantly, it can stop them from becoming distracted by keeping the mobile phone away from them. In addition, it can prevent individuals from losing their phones by keeping them in place and forgetting them.

3. Gift trays

Silver trays are really smart gifts for clients. They add some elegance as well. Your customers will be glad to get them. In addition, you may add a box of candies or chocolates to this gift product and the beneficiary will appreciate that for the next several days.

4. Notebook

We do not propose that you send clients a five-foot-high stack of notebooks that they struggle to keep in their closet. Instead, curate a beautiful leather-bound notebook in your company’s colours or a discreet branding on the front cover and send it to your clients as a corporate gift.

5. Customized coffee beans

Every working person loves to have coffee to kickstart their day. So send a pack of customized coffee beans to your clients and keep them swooning over the taste and aroma of it.

6. Calendar

Have branded calendars made by corporate professionals for unique calendar clients. You can also take the file for printing to a local printing shop and ask for high-quality prints to make a lasting impression on your clients.

7. Photo frames

Look for frame designs that are simple yet elegant and present them to your clients with their pictures in high print quality. You can also be creative by giving them special tags and mentions such as best employee, hard-working employee, etc.

8. Specially curated food basket

Come in contact with some gifting agencies that outsource food baskets that are healthy and wholesome. After all, you wouldn’t want to gift something unhealthy to your clients!

9. Home decor

Imagine how happy your clients would be after receiving some beautiful home decor pieces. For example, an artistic figurine, a good showpiece, wall hanging, crafted pen or other house decorations – the list continues.

10. Gadgets

Everyone loves gadgets. So, if you have some really special clients on the list, surprise them with a gadget and pave the way for a long and healthy business relationship.

11. Gadget organizer

Present them with a multi-faceted gadget organizer which holds objects firmly in place and gives limitless space for gadget and accessories. In short, order from any internet business an excellent organiser of gadgets to amaze your clients.

12. Gift cards

Gift cards are a savior if you’re confused about devising the perfect corporate gifting strategy for your loyal clients and prospective long-term clients. Above all, no more wasting days on researching and curating a hamper!

13. Leather accessories

Leather accessories are an iconic gift for friends, communities and clients. Moreover, there are several kinds of leather items that can be gifted. Certainly the things that are most sought after are belts, cash bags, laptop bags and other items fashioned from leather.

14. Bonsai plants

Feng shui brings good luck, prosperity and you can gift this to your clients for success in their careers. On the other hand, the cost of a bonsai plant or Feng Shui is budgetary. And so, it will tell them about how much you care.

15. Combo gift set

Curate a combo gift set composed of leather accessories and other itsy bitsy stuff and make your clients happy from the core. Also, you can use this idea to device a perfect gift hamper for your women clients.

16. Business diary

This is one of the nicest presents for the administrator and secretary-level clients. The major task of administrative assistants and secretaries is notes, memoranda, plans, etc. And so, this business diary will be the best gift for such folks.

17. Custom water bottle

Promote your business by gifting water bottles with corporate branding as nothing is better than showing someone that you care for them, even in terms of the office environment.

18. Donate to a charity

If a gift is not suitable, donate your money to the charity and let your client know that it is on their behalf. In other words, this is a significant gesture that expresses and celebrates your company’s beliefs.

19. Host a small lunch party

Everyone loves a fantastic burrito or sandwich bar! Therefore, this must not be just a fabulous lunch –  just make sure you toss some cookies in good measure.

20. Headphones

We cannot exaggerate the value of a decent set of headphones in today’s open office system. So, gift your clients a few of these and every time they drip this talkative desk buddy, they will think of you gratefully.

21. Handwritten gratitude note

Send a card if in doubt. Always incorporate your present with a handwritten or personalised greeting. After all, does anybody truly hear it if a corporate gift box falls in the woods without a note?

Wrapping it up!

So, now you have some excellent new ideas to make you feel liked and valued by your clients (and continue doing business with them). Most importantly, you will be pleased that you have chosen to gift something different instead of cakes and mundane office supplies.

Check out our Corporate gifting services for some more insights into how Meyvn World can help you curate the best corporate gifting strategy for your clients.

So what is your favourite gifting idea? In the comments below, we would like to hear your opinions.

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