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6 Examples of Inbound Marketing that Attract Loyal Customers

Looking for some sure-fire examples and strategies of inbound marketing? We’ve got you covered. This article will unravel the power of inbound marketing.

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Inbound marketing strategies guarantee awe-inspiring results as behind every successful marketing concept, there is a dedicated strategy and policy.  Inbound marketing uses digital websites, search engines, and social networks as the most effective method for reaching a target audience. One such example of inbound marketing is a blog.

What is Inbound Marketing, and does it really work?

Let us look at some of the basics before diving into some examples of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a marketing approach designed to target new clients rather than produce leads using conventional advertising and marketing methods. Inbound marketing uses different kinds of target marketing, including content, SEO, social media, and blogs, to increase brand visibility and build a company on the go.

This marketing method succeeds because the money you invest would help you reach more people interested in hearing more about your offering. You will only have to pay when someone clicks the ad if you buy pay-per-click (PPC) ads from Google AdWords. You won’t have to pay for the thousands of views that don’t match your advertising.

It actually works – this is the magic of inbound marketing. It is a proven form of marketing that generates more leads, helps gain exposure, and uses the marketing team’s time profitably.

Examples of Inbound Marketing

Now it’s time to isolate the needle from the haystack and look at some lavishly good inbound marketing strategies. Here are six of our favorite examples and strategies for inbound marketing:

1. Using company blogs to create brand awareness

One of the best and most accurate forms of inbound marketing is a company blog. The design of blog articles accords with the customers’ desires and wishes, and their curation helps them understand or learn something new.

For example, Meyvn World is a B2B platform with many validated content ideas to help businesses make more informed decisions about digital marketing. Our company blog comprises content revolving around marketing strategies, digital marketing, and research. We write these articles to educate potential clients about everything that has been going around in the digital world.

2. Social media helps in building an authority

Social networking is an excellent way to reach a new generation with your thoughts and ideas. How you use a social media strategy to complement the amazing content on your blog is the magic behind the working of social media. Improving your visibility on social media is a great way to improve your ROI and draw on your brand authority – it’s not always a matter of driving sales!

Coupon codes and access to limited-time deals are perfect strategies to connect and convert leads via social media. It may not give you the profit margins you first want but will allow you to expand your company with new customers.

We are great social media geeks, and we give it our best to keep our social media platforms up-to-date for you. Check out our article on the evolution of social media to know more about the profitable channel.

3. E-mail marketing is a vital part of the sales funnel

Email marketing has the highest opportunity for sales and success of all other marketing campaigns. Email newsletters have an increased ability to generate the growth and retention of the client base. Using a newsletter to convey the latest news about your company/brand enables you to develop a close-knit community of loyal customers.

For example, your best marketing approach is to inspire users to log in to your emails to learn more about your products and services along with your best marketing strategies. You can collect the e-mail addresses of all subscribers and send them occasional e-mails to stay on top of the sales funnel.

In one of our previous articles, we touched upon the importance of e-mails for digital marketing success; feel free to read more about it on our blog.  

4. Distributing free resources to provide value

Another example of inbound marketing is putting free resources together for the clients. This is an excellent way to create lasting relationships and trust. Once again, it is vital to show your clients that you are serving them rather than marketing them.

Inbound marketing through offering free resources of value differs from hosting a blog, as these resources can be more detailed, with each one concentrating on a particular aspect of your industry. 

For instance, an e-book proves as a good base for inbound marketing of this kind. The best thing about tools such as e-books, pdf checklists, and reference sheets is that they manage to deliver value and support consumers without anyone having to do after the initial work required to attract them. Free tools are great when they answer any sort of questions quite explicitly.

5. Sharing relevant and informative video content

Everybody chooses to watch a quick video instead of spending their precious time reading a hefty article. Video content emerged as the most widely watched entertainment in the last few years. It is a wise idea to capitalize quickly on this thrilling marketing style since more than 50 percent of users favor video content over other formats. 

Video content appears to be a robust, appealing, and engaging form of marketing on all mediums, whether  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. People are fond of watching others create video content, so making a video series is a brilliant example of inbound marketing.

6. Imparting information through infographics

Although we have already discussed the brilliant inbound marketing strategy of writing blog posts, people tend to enjoy all kinds of content on the Internet. An incredibly creative infographic is another excellent example of inbound marketing. 

Even if the customer doesn’t read the whole article, they can preview various elements highlighted in the article (and maybe even understand it quicker than if they had read the article). Hence, infographics serve as an extension of the article and further strengthen its central aspect.

The more informational and quick to read, the higher possibility that someone else would use your infographic as a reference. We tried a similar strategy by creating an infographic for our article about improving your digital marketing tactics. Have a glimpse of it to know for yourself how straightforward these infographics look.

Bring more value with inbound marketing

Make sure to keep your client in mind while incorporating these robust inbound marketing tactics into your marketing plan. You would be among the most trusted companies if you can build a connection between the brand and the customer. 

Try to explore further by diving into the world of inbound marketing one step at a time with us. We can help you develop a better inbound marketing strategy for your brand/company by studying the gaps in your current plan of action. Hop on the ride with us and let’s script the success of your brand, together. Call us at +971 55 543 9051/ +91 98465 07202 or reach out at to make a difference!

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